Rule 24
Fighting terrorists who are using chemical weapons in Iraq


Just a short one to clear my palate which right now tastes like I've chewed my way through 18 miles of shite. I'm sick and sick of it all. Which brings me to the acronym of the day:


I assume I don't need to elaborate, google if you must. I am on record stating this is the crappiest planet I have ever lived on, and lately it has been proving me out. I am an optimist but comes a point and I'm there. My private life sucks, professionally I still kick ass, but the rest makes that meaningless. FTW! Picture me on top of a mountain, back arched, arms raised, making a noise that flattens forests. FTW!

Now I'm done, chastened by the much greater sacrifices borne  by all those we read about and meet here. But FTW for that happening to them as well.

I'm not trolling for sympathy or empathy, just venting so I don't choke some poor bastard. I know I will get a lot of buck up Uncle J messages and I appreciate the coolness of the B5 readership.