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Who is blocking debate on Iraq?

Republicans block Senate debate on Iraq

WASHINGTON - Republicans blocked a full-fledged Senate debate over Iraq on Monday, but Democrats vowed they still would find a way to force President Bush to change course in a war that has claimed the lives of more than 3,000 U.S. troops.

What an intellectually dishonest headline that is. Anyone unaware of the backstory would think the Republicans were simply using a parliamentary maneuver to cover their boy W's surge play. The reality is the Democrats are the ones stifling debate as they don't want to be put on record either pulling funding or saying they won't, so they refused to allow all three resolutions to be debated They wanted to throw some red meat to the antis and our troops under the bus, without any of that messy right and wrong stuff being debated. Well enjoy the majority people. You played every game there was when you were down, and this is too important to let you play feel good games.

Not only do you show yourselves as shameless political hacks without the stones to stand and vote against the President's plan, but you try to slither in with this crap to cover your butts with the hyenas you call your base. Nope, you gotta step up to the plate and get onboard with my Sen. Russ Feingold on the "We already lost"  train.

The only bright spot is the sorriness of the move galvanized the Republicans to hold firm as a minority and refuse to buckle. The Dems do not want a debate on the Iraq war because they don't have any good answers, just complaints.