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"Hi, We're Your New Neighbors!"

Uncle Jimbo joins Amanda as Edward's righty hater

For those of you unaware of John Edward's hiring of a deranged lefty hater as his campaign blogger just go here and MM will clue you in.

I was a little surprised when I found out that John Edwards was looking to recruit more folks who like to rip off a wicked rant from time to time. I guess it's their way of balancing out for the two deranged haters they recently hired. Regardless it was too good an opportunity to let slide. The link to my first of many contributions, I hope, is here (working for now) but just in case of those technical difficulties like Amanda was having on her Panda blog pop up, the text is below and I have grabbed a screencap. (please excuse my typos in the piece, lunch is so short)

First I'd like to thank the Edwards campaign for inviting me here. It is a rare gesture of fair and balanced behavior and I am touched. When you brought on the two lefty haters Amanada and the other chick, I was afraid this meant you simply wanted to recreate the echo chamber that is the American Left.

But the fact that you have offered me the chance to share my righty hate is a tremdous sign that you really are a uniter.                        

I feel this country has realy suffered from a lack of vitriolic, hyperbolic, profane rhetoric and I applaud  your support of free speech. Now that you have both sides of the political spectrum covered I think the flak you have been getting about Amanda's hatred of men, Christians and the administration will subside, balanced by my hate of deranged feminists, Murtha and Kerry (which you can certainly understand) and appeasing pacifists.

Here is a good look at my most recent foray into profanity laced tirades.

A hearty F**k You to William Arkin

or the video version of the same rant on YouTube with all the profanity live and in color

Video beatdown of William Arkin

How much does this gig pay anyhow? Is it by the F-bomb, 'cuz I can add some more? Or is there a bonus for truly creative vulgarity. 'cuz I have some mad skillz? Anyhow, thanks again for the outreach and I look forward to helping put your candidacy in context