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Toothless Troops

Fgo_ojs No, this is not about the CAT2 or 3 guys that have to see a dentist, but the poor Guard troops defending our borders, and the castration they've received in being able to actually GUARD it.

As was reported last month (Jan 3d timeframe) a group of Mexican nationals, believed to be drug-cash smuggling illegals, stumbled upon a National Guard observation post on the Arizona-Mexican border. 

As were their instructions and orders, the Guardsmen 'retreated' and reported the incident to Border Patrol officers.  Who, apparently, did nothing.  The troops ROE states that unless fired upon, they are not to engage illegals, smugglers, or druggies in any way.  Many of those posted to the border don't even carry firearms (some, in logistical support roles, may not need to.  Yet)

What goads me is the 'de-fanging' of the US military INSIDE OUR OWN BORDERS. With every incident of this type, it will continue to embolden these criminals to the point where our troops will then become free targets...

Update:  MissLadybug has put her letter up.  Read this great work on her site.

Numerous articles in the press have indicated that new training will include HOSTAGE training for Guardsmen who are assisting the Border Patrol. 

But the incident made some National Guard commanders nervous enough to move up training dates for handling hostage situations. And some lawmakers have questioned why the rules prohibit the Soldiers from opening fire unless they are fired upon. (AP)

Csa20060803085704 Hostage training?  Like, how to BE a hostage???  COME ON!  What would have happened if we took this stance with Zarqawi?  So, now we let our guys be sitting ducks, open to being taken hostage, and we don't let them protect themselves?


Folks, this is ridiculous.  Absolute insanity.  Unbelievably, our own soldier force is being castrated, and more and more relegated to being paper tigers.  As many of you realize, Armed Forces are not for POLICING.  They are for PROTECTING- and if that means force, by golly, that's what it will take.  While the Guard takes on more mission types than just about any force in the world, putting them on a border, removing their ability to engage ILLEGAL DRUG SMUGGLING with force, is tantamount to making them Boy Scouts (and no slam on them, either- I'm an Eagle).    In this situation, they should not be employed without full capability to defend and prevent incursions.


We are turning our troops into paper tigers- weakening our ability to defend our own borders, and making guys who go from border patrol to Baghdad patrol incapable of adequately performing their missions.

If they don't have ability- that is, by ROE- to engage these CRIMINALS, wtf are we doing???  Worrying about a few VOTES?

Neither US Border Patrol Agents nor US National Guard troops are allowed to protect the US-Mexico border region.  Border Patrol Agents are prosecuted for doing their jobs and National Guard troops are not allowed to use their weapons against Mexican gunmen who cross our border illegally.  Many people have and are speculating that it is the trilateral Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) that has taken precedence and authority over US sovereignty.

Note:  The SPP effectively provides no borders to illegal immigrants throughout the North American continent.  Only legal citizens are, now, required to provide passports. (Post-Chronicle)

And this:

National Guard troops were confronted by 6-8 Mexican gunmen who were wearing military uniforms, body armor and carrying automatic weapons.  Testing their strategy, the gunmen are reported to have split into two groups and then surrounded the observation post.  In order to avoid confrontation, the guardsmen backed away, entered their Humvees and reported the incident to the USBP-leaving the gunmen in control of the US post.

And, unbelievably, a LT who obviously hasn't been there:

First Lt. Wayne Lee, a spokesman for the New Mexico National Guard, said Soldiers "are not supposed to get into a firefight. It's not the Sunni Triangle."

IT IS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME- this will escalate- you can bet on that.  There will be a group, more than likely high on drugs and carrying cash they don't want captured, that will be emboldened to fire upon the outposts and keep on truckin'.  What complicates this is, -and I'm NOT goofing here- that when it does happen, and we got bad guys in jail this side of the border from it, their lawyer is going to screw up the Army something fierce.  ''Ok, were they Title 10 or 32 orders?  32?  Ok, so why was a State protecting a Federal border?  What jurisdiction?  My guys go free- that was an illegal stop''. 

We had some serious problems during Katrina with the Title-10 vice -32 issue (posse comitatus, for all you legal eagles out there).  I can see us being set up for a near-revocation of this if we don't allow our troops to be Federal (32), fully protecting our borders.

       T.J. Bonner, president of the Border Patrol agents' union, said the        soldiers are unnecessarily at risk.

"It's not like some picnic down there," Mr. Bonner said. "Anyone down there enforcing the laws is going to be caught up in the violence."

This, I'm afraid, is going to be cause celebre this summer if we don't prepare...