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The Snake Eater in Iraq

It's like S.C.M.O.D.S. (link is a .wav file) for Iraqis:

First, someone you should know if you're a regular here, Marine Major Owen West requests a criminal finger printing ID system for his Iraqi counterparts.

Dan Henninger of the WSJ has the details:

...The Marine and Army officers who patrol Iraq's dangerous places know they need an identification system similar to cops back home. The troops now write down suspects' names and addresses. Some, like Marine Maj. Owen West in Anbar, have created their own spreadsheets and PowerPoint programs, or use digital cameras to input the details of suspected insurgents. But no Iraq-wide software architecture exists.

Operating around the town of Khalidiya, north of Baghdad, Maj. West has been the leader of a team of nine U.S. soldiers advising an Iraqi brigade. This has been his second tour of duty in Iraq. When not fighting the Iraq war, he's an energy trader for Goldman Sachs in New York City.

It had become clear to him last fall that the Iraqi soldiers were becoming the area's cops. And that they needed modern police surveillance tools. To help the Iraqi army in Khalidiya do its job right, Maj. West needed that technology yesterday: He was scheduled to rotate back stateside in February--this month...

Spirit of America stepped in to help out (you can also help by donating):

...The "Snake Eater" is named after the Iraqi Army unit that will use the system. The system includes PDAs that can take fingerprints, laptops, communication and a database information system. The U.S. military is focused on training and equipping the Iraqi Army so they that can increasingly take responsibility for security of their country. Providing the Snake Eater system supports the efforts of the Marines and the Iraqi Army to reduce violence, increase security and help provide a better life for the people of Iraq.

Spirit of America has provided the funding for the laptops, PDAs and development of the database for the prototype of this system. This prototype Snake Eater system is now in operation in Khalidiya, Iraq...

Bill Roggio hand delivered it to Major West in Anbar and has more on the deployment of the Snake Eater system.