A Very, Very Important Announcement
Surge troops skipping NTC before deployment

The Gathering of Eagles

Continuing our support of the Gathering of Eagles, Russ Vaughn, MilBlog poet laureate, has written a masterpiece.  Someone get Trace Adkins on the phone to sing this one:

You Ain't Gonna Touch This Wall

Look, boy, you're free to demonstrate,
March up and down this Mall;
But, son, I'm gonna set you straight,
You ain't gonna touch this Wall.

You shout and scream all you want,
On all that we'll give a pass;
But you try some Wall-defacing stunt,
And, son, I'm gonna kick your ass.

Let us make it clear, we've all come here
To defend our long-dead brothers;
And understand you ain't layin' a hand
On our Wall you leftie mothers...

Read the whole thing at Old War Dogs (where else?).  Find out how you can join the gathering and stand for the Fallen at the Wall.