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Taking care of those done with the fighting

I have said before that the cost of this war is small compared to others we have fought and that's true, but it is unfair to those who have paid it and continue to pay it daily. Recently there have been many stories about conditions at Walter Reed and care overall for our wounded; they may not paint an entirely accurate picture, but they sure remind us that we better be paying attention. This blog has tenets that outline what we try to do:

Supporting the Military
Caring for the Wounded
Remembering the Fallen
Honoring the Sacrifices

I am going to spend more of my time here focusing on these and a little less indulging myself poking clowns with sticks. Do not despair lovers of the smart ass, I spun up again for just such a purpose. A slightly more decorous tone will be in play here, although beatdowns to deserving souls will still be on the menu, but the red meat versions and my abuse of dum dums will migrate.

I posted the text of a speech by a yet unidentified Special Forces veteran given this Flag Day that was sent to me by a writer for a very well known magazine. It focused on the challenges to our troops once they leave the service, what we owe to those who return from "Out There". It is one of the best examples I have ever seen showing how different you feel coming from a world with bright lines for good and bad to one with no lines. It is haunting because he makes you feel the solitude, the detachment, the otherness. If you haven't read it, do.

We have not had this many folks experience combat since Vietnam and I don't recall that their reintegration into society went particularly well. I know the military has some transition programs but I am also sure they will be far from adequate and administered by bureaucrats. We must ensure that we shine as many lights as we can on holes or inadequacies in the system. But we also must note that it's time for the whole of society to welcome them home. It's time even for all those supporters of the troops to throw in. They certainly would have the low down on therapy and counseling.

The left would love to close this war out as Vietnam deux, but fortunately some good soldiers and marines have something to say about that. Well, win or lose we cannot allow what happened to the Vietnam vets happen to the Iraq War vets. The Dems have all that power of the purse, well open it up Nancy and fund some more VA programs. If you don't have the guts to shut down the war, you could actually help those troops you support so much with some actual support. The Dems are using a chickens with heads cut off approach to trying to lose the war, but I am unaware of any initiatives to fund more veterans programs.

The first tenet is supporting the military and we must do all we can to fight those who have lost or never had the heart for this fight, but the next three all have a lot to do with how we treat those who are no longer boots on the ground. Many folks who read here and other milblogs do tremendous work and hopefully the recent publicity will remind a few more people they should too.