Now, something special

Super Bowl XLI

I had no intention of really caring about this game, but since Matty's Bears are in I'll play.

The pre-game festivities could best be described by a three letter word that rhymes with way, which would be a good modifier. We had Gloria Estefan leading out an 80s nightmare Cross Colours colored HR Puf n' Stuf extravaganza, then Billy Joel channels Randy Newman in a sorry Star Spangled banner. Hope the game has game 'cuz this is lame.

Sweet reward and Oh My Lord. TOUCHDOWN on the first play of the game by Devin Hester from.......The U.

First round of commercials was completely forgettable, well not completely. I don't ever want to drink Sierra Mist.

A little back and forth and then, true to script Peyton Manning hucks one long to Reggie " Stately" Wayne "Manor" Tie game, wait not tie game another botched snap. 7-6

Second round of commercials much better. I like the moon office.

UPDATE 1745 Central

Holy crap Da bears fumble the snap Colts ball, ouch. Reverse ouch as the Colts fumble right back. I can't even type as fast as this is jumpin'. Now Thomas Jones rips off about 50 yards......and Boom Muhsin Muhammad. 14-6 Da' Bears.

UPDATE 1800 Central

3rd commercials

Chevy commercial almost didn't suck. Oooh Carlos Mencia, sucked. Letterman and Oprah, I think I like that . I wonder why?


All pre-game prognostications said the rain would be no problem. We have about our 20th fumble as Cedric Benson gives the ball away on the Bear's 45.

Colts have to punt to Devin Hester again. I'd put it in the end zone, Hester's a killer.


Nice shot of David Spade drooling

Go Daddy- I want to work in marketing

Coke- was that Simon Cowell? or George Michael?


3 points for the Colts.......yea 14-9

Bud- Clydesdales and Dalmations OK

Next one, nice Ultraman reference, but what did you advertise?


Kickoff- Where is Devin Hester? Ahh they had him up short.

Ah ha! Careerbuilder has traded their monkeys for lemmings.

Doritos- not bad she was hot, like the Snapple lady.

Chebby- Naked dudes washing a car, I could have missed that.


Game was starting to feel water-logged but somehow the Colts seem to be beatin' on the Bears and they run it in strong for a TD. Dag. 16-14 Colts on top now. Man I bet the Bears wish they had a real QB.

Bud- Slappy a little sappy but fun

Heart commercial? oh King Pharma scare-mongering wankers.


Colts fear Hester,squib the kickoff, smart.

GM- wasted their money

Coke- nice Black History bit, low key classy mention of the coaches pigmentation

Colts D looks tougher than Bears D right now. Should be interesting in the locker room at half time.

Bears punt and Colts start walking over Da' Bears again.


Sprint- Connectile Dysfunction pretty good.

Motorola- Eh. Nice phone.

2 minutes left in the half and this has been a good game.

Its.....a.....fumble (reference?) Bears ball, let's see if Rex can game up.

Nope, he drops it and gives it right back. This is fun. Oh and the Colts run it right up the gut. Bam.

Tostitos- a little melodramatic don'tcha think, you're selling chips FFS.

URLACHER buries Addai BOOM! FG time 19-14 Colts and now we see if Prince melts in the rain. Holy Sheep S**t Adam Vinateri jusst missed.


Semi-random Prince note. Me and the lovely Vauntess saw the purple one a couple of years back when he paid Sony so he could play all his old hits. He was brilliant in every regard. He is a magnificent guitarist, fantastic songwriter and stunning performer. It was opening of Summerfest and during an almost 15 minute fireworks display that interrupted the middle of his show he played an extended jam of Whole Lotta Love. Kick ass!

Plus I love Charlie Murphy's story about him and his boys getting their asses kicked at B-ball by him too.

OK live Prince- Let's go crazy was fun as always and I told you he could play. Next we get some groove that has me looking for Morris Day and then we segue to Proud Mary, WTF doesn't Prince have enough of his own songs?  Now some Dylan via Hendrix with All along the Watchtower. They are pissin' me off. Another cover, I think it's Foo Fighters, maybe not. Play some freakin Prince, Prince.

Nice guitar solo and now we get the pure ass heat. True Funk Soldier is what my t-shirt from his show says.  Not too impressed by the Purple Rain solo, a little over-distorted and stilted. I want one more song for redemption, bring it. Boo

B- for Prince, but still better than their usual, Paul Mcartney, Aerosmith with Britney? Yak! game back on please.


Second half kickoff- I kinda expect a touchdown or fumble on all kicks now. Hmmm.

Bears need a take away, 'cuz they are gettin' walked over. If the Colts can run, this will get ugly.  Holding them to a field goal is a win here.  Indy has never had that killer instinct and they barely got their three. I say again, REX?

E-trade- Everybody loves bank robberies, right?

Coke- They obviously bought an off-shore CGI animation studio, two big-time freak-a-zoid cartoons. remember Pepsi's motto "Kill Coke" that would be a fun commercial.

Bud Light- Apes thieving, or posing for pictures? Kinda fun.

I hate Sheryl Crow so Boo Clairol. She has written more trite lyrics to accompany bland music than anyone other than Norah Jones.


Rex, Rex, Rex, Rex, Rex! You suck. Falling on your face is not a good technique.

Careerbuilder- Kinda fun, especially the delivery guy.

Taco Bell lions- They need to bring back the chihuahua.

Van Heusen- Spud says stupid, they just said dress right and you get what you want.


3rd and goal, another hold is vital. And another hold is held. Vinateri in to pad his numbers. 22-14 and the Bears are only one score and a 2 point behind. 

Toyota- Tundra is apparently able to accelerate and decelerate sucessfully

Emerald Nuts- Robert Goulet, what Engelbert Humperdinck was busy?

I already saw the Charles Barkley ad so eh.

Fed Ex- Mr. Turkey neck? not funny.

Federline- Nice to see him where he belongs frying fries.

Bud Light- Axe opener? Beer should not need this silly hype. But Bud isn't beer. Rice is not permitted by the Rheinheitsgebot.


Rex tosses one to a very open piece of the turf and then tried to get a ball intercepted. FG time, and Robby Gould delivers. 22-17.


BUD- Our beer has crabs

Prudential- I thought they were saying I-roq, not a rock.

It has got to be Urlacher time, when the Colts come out again. Peyton Manning is hardly dirty. Dungy's second challenge looks like a catch. Urlacher needs to quit complaining and kill something.

Ford- yawn

FAVRE, FAVRE, FAVRE! oh and Rayovac.

Peyton actually gets hit and Marvin Harrison gets tweaked. Ha, Devin Hester gets whacked trying to block on the punt. Rex in effect.

Oh Rex, the proverbial wounded duck. Weak. I think 26 stepped out, but no looks like his heel was up. TD Colts. 28-17 Colts.


11 minutes left, 11 points down.

American Chopper for HP- Good stuff

Isn't Izod the little alligator shirts yuppies wear? Bugger off.

Bud Football Chess thing with Jay-Z and Shula was really cool. I want one.

Oh and Devin Hester can't chase down Vinateri's line drive. That means Rex, unless they can get lucky on the ground, but I doubt it. First down Bears, Rex converts.

But wait it is still Rex and duck season is definitely open, Bob Sanders picks him off. How many lobs will he throw? It is now one hundred percent on the Bear's D as it was always gonna be. Yikes 12 on first down.


An actual sack for the Bears, nice. They need a take away though. Oooh and nice job on the draw. A punt to Devin Hester, yeah right. This ought to be unreturnable.

Will Rex redeem himself with an Elway-essque drive (or two) or will PAO Marine rejoice as the Colts and Peyton prove they aren't weak?

First down Bears and away from the goal line. And another to Thomas Jones. Cue the dramatic music, 6 minutes 12 points down.  oooh 4th and 9 sucks. This is pretty much it, Oh no Rex delivers and 43 lays the tight end out, incomplete.


Sorry Matt, defenses win championships, but not with crappy QBs.

Snapple guru commercial was pretty good.

The NFL commercial was the fan contest one with the people putting away their team gear. Pack that Bears jersey away Matt and draft a QB.