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Rogue Iranian units operating in Iraq

CAIRO, Egypt -- Iran's secretive Quds Force, accused by the United States of arming Iraqi militants with deadly bomb-making material, has built up an extensive network in the war-torn country, recruiting Iraqis and supporting not only Shiite militias but also Shiites allied with Washington.

Still unclear, however, is how closely Iran's top leadership is directing the Quds Force's operations -- and whether Iran has intended for its help to Shiite militias to be turned against U.S. forces.

I think the AP stylebook must contain firm instructions that any news supporting US efforts or interests must be obscured or otherwise discredited. The idea that Qods is operating without the knowledge and or direction of Iran's top leadership is ludicrous. They are a special unit, separate from the military and they report directly to President Khameini. Yet the AP and many others would like to pretend that this is not a direct casus belli that would justify a thunder run to Teheran if W so desired. It does, but whether that is the best response is another question.

There is a fear from the media/left that W is going to do something about Iran and they are in full spin mode attempting to stop him. They failed to dissuade him from invading Iraq, and by God they are not going to let him do any more imperializing. The wrongness of war was proven by the debacle in Iraq and never again will they allow the US lie it's way into another Crusade. Thoughts on what we can and should do about Iranian acts of war after the  jump.

This leads to the disingenuous writing and news coverage about the war and Iran's attempts to dominate the region. Aside from this occupying army of infidels next door in Iraq, they are doing pretty well. Their client state Syria handles their proxy Hezbollah in their skirmishes with the Zionists, their nuke program is scaring the crap out of everyone offering all kinds of opportunities, and if they play their cards right the US will bug out of Iraq and they can slide right in adding a majority Shia Islamic state to their growing new Caliphate.

None of this is sufficient to give the media/left cause for alarm though. As a matter of fact mentioning it will get you accused of war mongering in support of another deranged neocon scheme. The question remains, what should we do?

We are not going to invade Iran, although not for the reason often given that their Army is too large and advanced for us to defeat. That is silly; actually a straight up fight against a traditional opponent would show just how bad our military really is. We could destroy the Iranian military like child's play; it's that occupation thing that makes invasion a very bad idea. But what about the training camps near the Iraqi border, what about the factories where the IEDs are manufactured, or what about a military facility chosen just as an example? A reminder that actions have consequences seems to be in order, as the Mullahs seem to be acting with impunity in ways we should not tolerate.

I think a few unexplained, uncredited explosions inside Iran would go a long way toward reminding that regime that the press and Nancy Pelosi do not command the US military or protect US national security, that would be W's job. They can snipe from the sidelines, but they have shown they don't want the accountability that comes with taking concrete steps to stop the President from doing his job. If we do nothing to stop Iran from actively warring on us in Iraq, we can hardly expect to prevail. Initial reports from Iraq suggest that this whole surge thing might just not be so crazy after all. Mookie and many of his leaders have hightailed it to Iran and we should make sure he stays there, his thugs are now leaderless and about to spend some quality time with US combat forces, we are capturing and killing goodly numbers of those foolish enough to engage us and the populace in areas we clear welcomes the fact that our troops are hanging around to keep things safe.

Could we actually win this thing?