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The Blackfive Favorite Pub Lament


A little break from the politico/combat/piss-off-the-jihad posts...

My favorite pub in Chicago has closed. 

I first stepped into O'Neil's (Howard's back then) in 1986.  Best burger in the city of Chicago (official-like), great waite staff, nice beer garden.  Threw my best friend's 35th  birthday party in the beer garden complete with posters of photos of every ex-girlfriend he had.  Started just about every official Blackfive pub crawl from there as well.  A few years ago, Mr. Howard passed on, and his partner changed the name to O'Neil's.  Six years ago, we bought a condo one block away from the pub...Mrs. Blackfive always suspected that to be one of the main reasons why we ended up in Streeterville. I spent a fortune on Rolling Rock and Golden Tee there. And it was the last place a friend of mine and I visited before he was killed in Afghanistan.

Goodbye O'Neil's, damn, you'll be missed...