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Prof. Bainbridge sasses some big dogs

Hugh Hewitt and his fellow bitter enders at the Victory Caucus plan a wave of primary challenges to GOP congressmen and senators who dare depart from lockstep support for the war in Iraq. Meanwhile, over on the left side of the netroots, liberal bloggers plan primary challenges against moderate Democrats in Congress who depart from the left's cut-and-run orthodoxy.

Professor Bainbridge writes on a number of topics and like many of us he opines on some based not on a professional expertise, but just his self-appointed pundit status. He rightly claims expertise and experience in Law and as he is a Law Professor at UCLA I will take that one at face value, as well as his Business & Economics cred which is evidenced by the many papers he has written for lawyer mags. Then he adds Politics, I guess that is open to anyone who votes, Religion and Culture again open to anyone who thinks they have an opinion, no real bar to entry as well. Food and Wine and then Photography round out his list of topics.

I guess his bit I quote falls on the politics beat, but I really take offense to being called a "bitter ender" and being lumped with those on the left rightly known as nutroots. He throws out an equivalizer and now I am simply a bitter partisan unable to see that my forlorn quest for victory is as wrong as the anti's on the left's quest to lose at any cost.

Quick piece of advice there Prof, stick with that whole which corporate scumbag was more heinous under the arbitrary standards you and the other acolytes of the priesthood of the law have made up. 'Cuz talkin' smack about people who actually have expertise about counter-insurgency and national security is not your forte and you make yourself look silly. If I am a bitter ender and the current situation in Iraq is so far beyond the pale that I invite ridicule from over-fed and watered, under-informed, chair-warming academics, then we have bigger problems than re-districting. The actual stakes in Iraq have amazingly far-reaching consequences and that means that politicians who put politics above that, like every single one who voted for the stab 'em in the back resolution face retribution. So excuse us while we try to make sure that those elected to Congress take the nation's security above their own re-election chances. Victory Caucus

Hate on Hugh about religion or politics or whatever as you wish Professor, but watch your ass Fred when you start jerking my chain because you have entered a world where your sheepskin is worth a whole lot less than my time on the ground in a couple dozen countries or Matt Burden's, or Austin Bay's. You are obviously a pretty smart guy Prof, but if it's a question of international affairs, or national security, or expeditionary and counter-insurgency warfare you would be sitting in a chair taking notes from us buddy. Don't make me school you like this in public again.