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Obama wastes himself

I have been an early opponent of the beatify Barack movement, but I didn't figure he would join in to help me. Barry O has been lionized and even my wife swooned when he announced his candidacy. He looks and sounds good and he is blissfully free of both baggage and any accomplishments. But we forgot he has to run his mouth for another year and a half or so without saying anything that could possibly represent a strong opinion and he blew that today.

For a long shot like Obama to make it he has to pull from the center, and that is near impossible with the nutroots out all torched and pitchforked up. They are demanding fealty to the canons of the Kos. The war must end immediately, any support for it ever is heresy and must be recanted with much penance, Iran must be appeased, Israel hobbled, any deviation from the one true way will be punished. Just ask John Edwards, he tried to fire the two hater harridans, the nutroots sounded the charge and he retreated back to John's Tower.

Obama's blunder was to state out loud what far too many on the left, him included, actually believe. The war was wrong and all the lives lost were wasted. That is what he said and that is what he meant. Oh his handlers had him apologize, but I don't think anyone cared. The defeateds believe it and the rest of us know that. We just didn't know that Obama was just going to up and join them openly. His retort to Aussie Prime Minister Howard who reminded Obama that announcing withdrawal during a war is foolish was informative as well. He seems to feel he has the game to sass one of our staunchest allies, that's bold but when he basically dissed the Aussie contribution to the war effort by saying Howard could shut it unless he was willing to pony up 20k Diggers, that was a mistake but you know, Barry O doesn't play.

The hater left is in effect and they believe the last election was their gold ticket. They won both houses of Congress, the country is foursquare behind their run and run strategy, they hold the litmus test for Democrat legitimacy. But the problem is there aren't really anywhere near as many haters as they need, and their rhetoric makes me blush, their virulence is off-putting, and they have little chance of attracting moderates. The question is how far can Obama, or any Dem stretch. It's a long way from the fever swamps to anywhere near reality. Good luck buddy.

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