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Military medical care, time to pay attention

I wrote a piece about military life yesterday, and I stand by it as a commentary on the  reality of the suck. I referenced Dana Priest's story about the suck at Walter Reed and associated facilities regarding the service they provided our wounded. I think she cherry-picked to give a picture worse than what is, but anything resembling her description is a disgrace. No fix can instantly change a huge bureaucracy, but some people I respect greatly make the case that it damn well should.

First the patients:

I will be on CNN's American Morning tomorrow (21 FEB), discussing my experiences as an outpatient at WRAMC, and what I thought of the care, administration, and beauracracy. With any luck,I'll still have a job tomorrow afternoon.

Remember, all comments I make here or in any public forum are completely substantiated by my own opinion; and nothing I say here or in front of a camera represents the Army or any government office or agency, unless it's really bad, then I represent the McCain/Murtha/Clinto/Obama campaign, and everything I say is a direct quote from one of them.


Charles W. Ziegenfuss

If you don't know Chuck, you've been cheated, and I am sure he will have some suggestions.

MM has a good round up:

JR Salzman

...No one knows where to go to get things done, what forms are needed, or the SOP for getting anything done. Expect to go to half a dozen different places, getting routed from one office to another before finally landing where you need to, only to have to run around to three or four different offices hunting people down for the necessary signatures. To put it plainly, their system of getting things done is more than "broke".

Fuzzybear Lioness weighs in as does Andi and Smash, I met all of them last year at the Milblog Conference and if they aren't happy, I'm not happy.