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It's Movie Week!

Kellys_heroes Okay, it's Hollyweird Weekend, and the Oscars are the buzz.  With that in mind, I wanted to put up something fun this weekend, and see what happens.  Time to pick/relate our favorite war flicks.  Which ones do you watch, and why?  Which ones do you hate, and why?  Is there one you would like to see re-made?  I know of several that there is NO WAY they could be re-made and be anywhere near as good- even if Spielberg himself made them.

Flip it to see what's what and let us hear it!


Okay, since this could get WAAAY outta hand quickly, and since we don't have a VOTE button (yet) I'm just going to list my faves and see if I get roasted.  Yeah, I can take my lumps, but hey, its my DVD player!  These are in no particular order, either.  Depends on my mood.  Ask me again tomorrow, these may change a little.  And I'm not trying to pretend to be Ebert, Siskel or Roeper, either.  But if the Sun-Times needs a REAL critic...

My only fear is that the Stallone and Norris movies will get hit hard here... deservedly so???  Are we over-stating the obvious?  I'm hoping some little-known movies might come out in the mix.

Ok, here goes:

If you couldn't tell already, Kelly's Heroes (1970) is right up there- who can resist Don Rickles as a shyster?  C'mon- this thing is hilarious.  ''Always with the negative waves, Moriarity!'' has to go down with any other movie quote as one of the best. 

Red_dawn_dvd Going back a bit is Red Dawn.  Not exactly a heavy-hitter, but in the day it was a very novel movie- US actually gets invaded!  It started out really well, but ended in a campy way, in my book.  What I thought was neat was this movie had the M-42 Dusters in it, which NEVER happens.  (I started out in Dusters way way back.)  The young cast became a who's-who in Hollywood later.  And, the Hind-D they showed was one of the first times one was shown in film, and was WAAY cool.  I remember my jaw dropping when that thing flew in...

John_wayne_john_ford_fort_apache Fort Apache deserves to be here, even if it is depicting the Indian Wars of the west.  John Ford makes real movies- and was the Spielburg of his day.  Like The Searchers, this movie (and its sister She Wore a Yellow Ribbon) set the tone for entire generations to come.  The photography is spectacular.

Greenberets Ok, now I throw in probably the most argumentative on the list- The Green Beret's.  No, I don't have some John Wayne fetish, but can you beat the theme song?  (Ok, Kelly's Heroes song is tops, but this is a close second).  The ending made my Vietnamese-born wife bawl like a baby.  And the ending scene was gorgeous.  Campy, over-wrought, heart-on-its-sleeve, yes, but still a great watch.  I can't wait for the HD version...

Schindlers_list Now, for the one that I think tops all others of ANY kinds, Schindler's List.  Not much I can say here that wouldn't be a repeat, but this movie struck me more, as a film, than any other ever made.  I remember the entire experience at the theater- the ONLY film I've ever seen where the 200-seat theater was packed and there was not one sound during the entire film except for the sniffling and crying.  The only way to truly embrace it is to see it on the big screen.  To see this in HD would be worth the cost of the tv alone.

There- my top five.  Let the games begin...

If you want a good list of them, go HERE.