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Infidel Pork Bullet Video

It falls to me to throw the red meat to our slathering hordes of savage, bloodthirsty readers, at least according to our lefty commenters. I saw this yesterday at Hot Air and couldn't decide if I was fur it or agin it. I understand the sentiment and appreciate the job he is doing ventilating tangos, hey that might be a good name for the body count project, which I am inviting new names for. LongTab SigO got me thinking in the comments

How about, instead of "bodycount" we call it "conversion".

As in:  Yesterday, in Najaf, coalition forces facilitated the conversion of 35 insurgents from subjects of concern to people of no further consequence.

Or maybe The hall of those who have achieved room temperature, The Ventilated Tangos Tally, stop me.

OK I promised Infidel Pork Bullet Video and you shall have it.