William Arkin video beatdown
Billy, Billy, Billy- Arkin just won't stop

I'm out of it for 24 hours and look what happens...

The email from the Sergeant in Afghanistan (about three feet from Pakistan) is making the rounds.  Left wingers are calling it the next version of "Kill 'em all let god sort 'em out..."  What a bunch of nonsense.  Did you get the memo?!  Here's another copy.  I guess the left doesn't think terrorists need killin'...

Then, as usual when I step out for a burrito upper endoscopy, Jimbo drops trou and moons Arkin with a hearty "@#$% you!" 


I wake up from surgery and log on to see Blackfive complete with rants nine ways to Sunday about Arkin and his "we don't want the military to have a voice so we can lose the war." (of course, I wrote the first, more polite version of the rant)

Thank the almighty that no one reads that assclown (I guess that means that he's more akin to an assmime).

The most excellent Chris Muir pens this (click for larger image):


And Mr. Wolf is calling BS on those who say no one ever got called names like Baby Killer.  I did.  Several times in the mid 80s on campus as an ungergrad/former NCO with experience in Central America.

Hang on to your hats, Ladies.  It's going to get A LOT rougher before it gets better.  There's chatter from some bloggers willing to give up because it's too intense.  Not us, we're in this fight for the men and women fighting for the rights of those POSs to spew their uber-tripe (besides, Jimbo has fun with this stuff - especially, when he's off his meds).

There's a lot that all of us here are working on.  Details to follow.

Stay Strong.

Later peeps (and cordially)-