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If Michelle's an online sniper, what am I?

MM has a piece up where Ray D. at David's Medienkritik takes apart a report published in the Frankfurt papers. It's the same garbahj about the AP's Jamil Husseining, and the many gaping holes still remaining in their reports. MM wiped up the floor with them many times, yet this reporter parrots AP's lies to an audience unlikely to have access to the real story.

My question is, if MM is an online sniper, what am I?

I like the implication that she puts precision-aimed fire on well-defined targets, but I am a bit more of a blunt instrument than that.

Online attack helicopter- I like the gun on the Apache that swivels when the pilot turns his head.

Online A-10 Warthog- The growl of that gun and the scunion it rains down are tempting too

Online M-1 Abrams- 60 MPH cross country occasionally blowing something clean away

Hmmm what about Online aircraft carrier? I think the Navy might not greenlight that. Suggestions solicited. Online MX?

Let's not forget the other inmates here at the asylum

Matty O'- Online IT Geek

Froggy- Online ball on the Nose Spinner

Help tag them or authors can self-designate as well

That would make oxygen thief Kos an Online IED right? HA!

Not to discourage the nominations, but I think I have mine.

Online ramp-jumpin', door-kickin', slim-waisted, barrel-chested, dacron-coated, titanium-filled,freedom fighter guaranteed never to rust, bust or collect dust