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I want a body count

Yeah, I said it. The media are going to lose this surge before we even fight it. The reports today lead with 4 US dead, but absolutely no info as to how many bad guys left for their 72 goats.

So here is the deal. I am requesting information about all actions in Baghdad and Al Anbar, specifically how many enemy dead or captured. If all the public hears is 4 more  Marines died, they will have no feel for what their lives bought. That is the currency of war, I hate it but it's reality. Without an enemy body count, we have no way to gauge success. The administration has decided not to release numbers on enemy casualties, but I haven't.

I specifically request that no one send classified or otherwise protected information. But I do enjoy the same protections the jackals of the MSM do. I hope I enjoy the trust that any communications would be completely privileged, but you have my word anyhow.

What I want to do is create an alternate channel of information on the surge, to provide a real look at what the actual circumstances of each engagement are. We  can do this by cross-referencing different media sources reporting on actions, checking press releases from involved units, passing on first hand or second, maybe third hand info. Part of intel evaluation and analysis involves rating sources, so if you hear from your cousin whose in Baghdad, that one of the other battalions in his unit got in a scrap, and a guy he knows over there says they whacked 15 tangos, that gets thrown in the overall matrix and is factored in.

Then we need to roll the results up real tight and start poking all the media we can in the eye with it. Jules Crittenden you out there? Plus everyone else we can. I will compile press releases detailing whatever info there is and we shout it out all over. If we don't then every US casualty will be portrayed as another in a lost cause.

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This is not a Blackfive initiative, it is an Uncle Jimbo intitiative. Matt is welcome to play, but this is my personal effort. And remember I said that I am not soliciting any classified or protected information, I am not a NY Times reporter FFS. Any questions jimbo  at