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Horrific Friendly Fire Incident From the Invasion of Iraq

CBS - there are new stories about US pilots firing on a British convoy during the invasion of Iraq in March of 2003 because the Sun has obtained the cockpit recording of the incident:

...On the tape, the two pilots discuss seeing a convoy of vehicles on the ground, and they note an orange color on top of some of the vehicles. Coalition vehicles in Iraq had orange canvas placed on their tops to identify them as "friendlies", but the pilots come to the conclusion that the orange on these vehicles is rocket launchers.

Twice the A-10's fire on the British convoy, killing Hull.

In the minutes leading up to the strike there was confusion between the pilots and their ground team, meant to guide them to enemy targets, over the location of coalition troops in the area.

Soon after the strike the pilots are told by the ground team that there were coalition vehicles in the area, contrary to what they were initially told, and that one person had been killed and another injured.

The pilots immediately realize they have committed a terrible error and grow very upset. Among much foul language, one pilot says to the other, "God dammit... We're in jail, dude."

One pilot says, almost in disbelief, "they did tell us there were no friendlies in the area," referring to the ground targeting team. The other pilot agrees, but says they are likely to be found at fault because of the orange panels on top of the vehicles.

Apparent crying can be heard from one of the pilots as they fly back to their base.

The pilots are identified on the tape only by their call-names POPOV35 and POPOV36, and their identities have not been made public by the U.S. military.....

Tony in Boulder sends the link to the Sun where you can view the tape.  FYI - as you can imagine, the language is R rated.  The Sun also runs down the six errors made by the pilots during the incident.

Lance Corporal Matty Hull was killed and four other British soldiers were wounded.