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Harvard President a war historian

Harvard's new president is a female, once and for all proving that Larry Summers was a misogynistic hater when he ignorantly wondered if perhaps differences between men and women might be one cause of the preponderance of men in the hard sciences. Don't you feel dumb Larry? Didn't think so. From The Nation:

"Drew Faust, the historian who has been named Harvard's first female president, has been praised for her "people skills," but she's also done brilliant intellectual work on a crucial question for our time: why we love war. A Civil War historian who has published five books, Faust wrote recently about why war is "history's most popular subject."

Sounds kinda interesting so far, I mean if Harvard has appointed a war historian as President this is a good thing right? Well let's take a look.

"But for ordinary people, Faust argues, what counts is not so much the analysis of causation, but rather the personal stories, the human drama of war. The fascination with war can be "almost pornographic in its combination of thrill and terror."

Well that's a bit out there, but let's be fair and look a little deeper.

"Faust's interpretation helps explain the way the US responded to the 9-11 terrorist attacks with a war on Iraq. "Even a war against an enemy who had no relationship to September 11's terrorist acts would do," she notes."

Now we are getting to the good stuff. Now while I will readily grant that Sadaam had no relationship with the 9/11 hijackers, he did parley with Al Qaeda and he was paymaster and hotelier to many luminaries of the terror scene including Abu Nidal. She has definitely started down the anti path. But she has a higher purpose in mind, controlling the narrative by limiting the power of war stories to sway the public.

"Those who write about war, she concludes – journalists and historians – need to acknowledge the power of war stories. Their job is to create "an orderly narrative," full of purpose and significance, about events that otherwise "would be simply violence," shapeless and meaningless.

Thus we are the ones who give meaning to war – so it's up to us to come to terms with the power of war stories. "In acknowledging its attraction," she concludes, " we diminish its power" – we move from being part of the problem to part of the solution."

The solution being that it would be so much tidier if we would just let those well-meaning folks in the media and academia tell the rest of us yokels what happened and what to think. The solution is having the elite forces of the left reprogram us so we don’t respond when the sabers start to rattle. War itself could probably be eliminated if we would just let them do what is best for us. Good luck with that lady, I for one will continue to oppose your hijacking of the narrative. War is history's most popular subject, because after procreation it is the most profound, if horrifying of human activities.

I couldn't read the full text of the article referenced, and if anyone has access to Project Muse and can post large excerpts I'd appreciate it.