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How Fallujah Will Be Won

Embrace the Suck

Jonah G at NRO linked to this with the caveat that he wouldn't make this argument. I understand that, and hope that no one thinks I am making light of conditions faced by our wounded. Any of the situations Priest detailed damn sure better get fixed, I am simply noting the reality of a hulking bureaucracy and the field-expedient reaction to it. Boy everyone loves the suck today, MM links here in a piece that looks at VA concerns past and present.

One thing about the military almost completely misunderstood by civilians, but a fundamental part of life in uniform is that things will always suck. Austin Bay has a new pamphlet called "Embrace the suck" which was a phrase an officer used to remind his troops that their job is to understand that the suck is supreme and their job is to suck it up and drive on.

Right now the troops have become a pawn in the political game between the media/left and this administration. John Murtha will hopefully continue with his shameful and Constitutionally unsupported attempt to command our troops by limiting their deployment absent a perfect score on readiness, equipment and a number of other admin hurdles no combat force has ever passed. If you are to deploy to the mountains in winter, the only thing you'll have enough of is mosquito nets. Iif you go to the desert, pallets of climbing ropes and toboggans will appear. What do you do then, do you howl to the gods about the inequities and how Rumsfeld and Cheney were just trying to make a buck? Well yeah probably for a minute, but then you make harnesses from the ropes and pretty soon you've got a convoy of camels hauling your gear in the toboggans.

Embrace the Suck.

Dana Priest, who I am considerably less than fond of, toured military hospitals until she found the crappiest ones and also the most jerked-around wounded troops. Now I am not excusing any sub-standard care for anyone, anywhere, any time but the military is a giant, droning beast and it is simply not possible to keep all parts of it shiny and clean at all times and definitely not after more than 5 years of war. The WaPo is a very bright light and now that it has shone on these failings in the care we provide the wounded, I assume somebody is busy un-screwing it. No wounded vet should receive anything but A+ care and nothing less is acceptable. Regardless many of those hurt take it all the way in spite of the difficulties and you get a Joey Bozik. But it will still be a hassle with some jagoff supply clerk, who wants that uniform they cut off you in Fallujah. It will still require 6 different forms and the signature of a certain Captain who's only in from 0700-0705 the first Friday of the month to get vital services authorized. And yes we will still continue to use facilities so old they have words carved in the wall by Francis Marion saying.

Embrace the Suck.