3rd Graders and One Good Sergeant
Speaking of cool pics

Cool pic(s)

I would like to say, boy you know I do have a lot to say huh? Thanks to all our excellent commenters y'all make it fun to serve up the red meat. And to all the excellent writers out there who I never link to, mea culpa. I suck. I'm not promising to get better, but you never know. In my defense I do a lot of oppo research on our enemies, both external and those within. So I do a lot of reading of lovely pubs like The Nation, The American Prospect, Counterpunch, The New Republic etc. so that you don't have to. As my wife eays "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer". So all I'm sayin' is if you wrote something ass-kicking then email me, I am partial to original bits rather than linkfests if you are with me there. I caught this over at Laura Lee Donoho's blog, it's a pic of her cousin who was in Iraq working on ways to defeat IEDs. She has a link to a very cool photo page of his time in country. I loved this one 'cuz it looks like you could just photoshop him into a La-Z-Boy, chillin' the most.