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The Grey Lady Screws Up (again)

Billy, Billy, Billy- Arkin just won't stop

I don't want to make a hobby of this, but Billy's back at it so I offer you his ass on a platter. I think some correspondence to the WaPo is in order, please be polite with these, but let's show them what we think of their hosting a hater like Billy. [email protected] Back to the clown.

Well, one thing's abundantly clear about who will actually defend our rights to say what we believe: It isn't the hundreds who have written me saying they are soldiers or veterans or war supporters or real Americans -- who also advise me to move to another country, to get f@##d, or to die a painful, violent death.

You write a post telling the troops they ought to hush and just die in a proficient military manner and you're surprised you got told maybe you ought to hush you cakehole. I guess it's possible you are that naive, but I think you are playing. Heck it probably stroked your puny little ego to get this much attention from your betters.

Contrary to the typically inaccurate and overstated assertion in dozens of blogs, hundreds of comments, and thousands of e-mails I've received, I've never written that soldiers should "shut up," quit whining, be spit upon, or that they have no right to an opinion.

Did you even read your own screed? Here I'll help you out. Straight from the horse's ass.

"But I also hope that military commanders took the soldiers aside after the story and explained to them why it wasn't for them to disapprove of the American people."

I said I was bothered by the notion that "the troops" were somehow becoming hallowed beings above society, that they had an attitude that only they had the means - or the right - to judge the worthiness of the Iraq endeavor.

You seem to be the one advancing your straw man that the troops are above reproach. None of the soldiers on the video that started you down this foolish path said they must be obeyed. They simply asked that people (media jackals included) ought to either really support them or stop mouthing the words to insulate their anti-war, anti-troop sentiments. You Billy weren't even bright enough to hide you true feelings.

I was dead wrong in using the word mercenary to describe the American soldier today.

Yes you were, but you couldn't actually squeak an apology out of that shriveled heart of yours?

These men and women are not fighting for money with little regard for the nation. The situation might be much worse than that: Evidently, far too many in uniform believe that they are the one true nation. They hide behind the constitution and the flag and then spew an anti-Democrat, anti-liberal, anti-journalism, anti-dissent, and anti-citizen message that reflects a certain contempt for the American people.

Jesus you are a piece of work Billy. Projecting a bit aren't you? I mean all the antis would be more accurately applied to you given your anti-war, anti-troop, anti-American bent. This straw uber-soldier you keep trotting out simply doesn't exist. We the rapists and murderers have not done anything beyond trying to counter the never-ending assault on reality and the truth perpetrated by you and the rest of the jackals of the press. So the one time a message that doesn't jibe with your hater world view shows up on the news it's an all out assault by the storm troopers of death trying to silence all in a military communications coup. What a steaming pile of BS Billy.

What I've heard ever since my article "The Troops Also Need to Support the American People" was published on Tuesday are a lot of people telling ME to shut up and be grateful for the sacrifices others are making.

Well that would be nice, but hardly likely. You could consider it though. I mean it's not like you have anything but your sorry, empty whining to add to the mix.

I never said we shouldn't support the troops. I just lamented that "we support them in every possible way, and their attitude is that we should in addition roll over and play dead, defer to the military and the generals and let them fight their war, and give up our rights and responsibilities to speak up because they are above society?"

You sniveled about the obscene amenities we were shipping them Billy. I say again don't you read your own shite? And you need to knock off the BS about the troops demanding that everyone roll over and play dead. You and the voices in your head are the only ones who are buying that crap.

Thousands have written telling me to "shut up and quit whining," that the troops do support the American people - "with their lives."

You need to sear this in your mind Billy Boy, the troops are the American people and they get to use every right that you do in printing this pitiful shite.


Again, I understand the frustration of those in uniform and the supporters of the war. But these are not the only people who have a valid opinion, and there is great danger for the nation - as Bush-Cheney and company have already demonstrated - when people arrogate to themselves the sole determinant to make a judgment about national security.

Billy retire the straw man, we are totally cool with everyone having an opinion, they are like assholes that way. But you seem to be the one who thinks some pigs are more equal, or less.


Too many to count denounced me (and my ilk) for being elitist, arrogant, exclusive, a Washington a@$*hole or worse, above-it-all, and superior.

I don't know if anyone who would consider you superior in any way Billy, now asshole?....

Given that I spent so much of my time in this column every week railing about Washington myself, the dismissal is hilarious. But there is such contempt for civil society in these words and I wonder where it comes from?

No there is contempt for your sorry ass Billy. We are totally cool with civil society as well as a matter of fact everyone who wrote you was acting as an active member of our civil society. Sorry that an awful lot of people are using that right to point out what a monumental jackass you are.

As the Major says, something is inculcated into the minds of military members from day one of duty. It is not just defense of the Constitution; it is also unanimity of thought and an unwavering regard for hierarchy. Without this, you can't have a military and you can't expect human beings to go against their instincts to put their lives on the line.

I'm not saying that this makes people in the military automatons, or that they are stupid. But this unanimity of thought and this absolute allegiance to a hierarchy of ideas is and should be foreign in the civilian world. That's what makes the two different.

The respect with which you regard our military makes me proud Billy. You can caveat all you want, but they show as lies. You are an uncomplicated man and we can read the stilted English you pound out just fine.

I hesitate to describe the military "attitude" about the world, or to even apply some negative connotation to the assertion that the military, from the Pentagon on down to the lowest platoon assumes a singular worldview.

Wow Billy, do you have any friends who are editors? Seriously dude, you have problems with this whole forming a coherent thought thing. Do you hesitate out of fear your ignorant musings will be once again dissected for everyone on the internets to laugh at? Or that your smear about brain-washed automatons which you made and then denied in successive paragraphs, congrats on that by the way, that they will expose you for the maroon you are? I guess that is a valid concern for you, but I for one encourage you to publish. You do a tremendous job of reminding people just how divorced from reality and logic much of the left is.

But Major TW from Baghdad describes the world as he sees it and condemns me for my dissent:

"Iraq is only a mistake if, like Vietnam, we don't finish the job. Your sloppy logic at the end of your piece belies your agenda. You write Iraq, 'is not some necessary endeavor, the people just don't believe that anymore.' Would invading Europe in 1944 been a "necessary endeavor" if the American people had not believed it? How about maintaining West Berlin in the 1970s? And what about Somalia in the 1990s? Pulling out following the Blackhawk Down incident arguably emboldened bin Laden and played a hand in 9/11. With the benefit of hindsight should we have stayed? Even if it cost more American lives it might have saved 3000 years later."

The Major asks a terrific question as to what it says about our society that 3,000 lives are not considered "worth it" and I'll develop some thoughts on this in the future.

Dude you better hope that Vanna White shows up so you can buy some thoughts, 'cuz the ones you have been working up on your own......pretty sad Billy.

But what does it say about our current political and military leadership?

Bush and company, and the Abizaid's, Casey's, and Petraeus's have had years to make their case to the American people that the threat is so great and the mission so noble that the sacrifice is worth it. They clearly have failed to make their case and that is why the majority of Americans no longer support the war.

The notion then that we should defer to the military to fight when and how and where they want is absurd. As the debate about the Iraq war demonstrates, war-making is a shared endeavor and the arrogant and intolerant few who think they are above the people seem to be those who are wearing the uniform.

No Billy the notion is that once Congress authorized the war in Iraq that we should fight then and there with an actual goal of victory. You keep inventing these sentiments that you attribute to the military, yet you have shown a grand total of zero folks advocating the fictions you have invented. It's not fair to just air your own fantasies as truth Billy, especially not when your fantasies are a bunch of disrespectful nonsense.

I know it's scary to have to live in a world where the shameless rapists and murderers wearing our uniform are actually allowed to have and air their own opinions, especially when the bloodthirsty bastards are cheerleading for the war. Problem is Billy that's the law of the land. Nobody is advocating that you be forced to shut your piehole, but they can certainly request that you STFU! As a matter of fact they can advocate that the WaPo realize that having someone who so clearly despises our military covering national security is shameful. We'll see how that goes.