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A Very, Very Important Announcement

Ibelogooriginal Folks, a short interruption here for an important announcement-

In my civilian capacity, I run a part of a new airline.  This airline has one basic goal- to help reduce the time it takes to get in and out of Iraq for all our folks there.  Recently, we have finally begun charter air service in and out of Baghdad- and we are the first AMERICAN owned airline to do so.

We are also the first that will operate at night, and have service that drops and picks up passengers at Sather Air Base (known as the 'mil-side' of Baghdad airport).  This is a huge event, as now soldiers and civilians working with the Coalition will be able to go from Baghdad to DC in as little as 17 hours- basically, you can leave Baghdad at 9:15 pm and be in DC by 06:30 the next morning!

No more 2 or 3 day waits to get in and out- we will get you to Kuwait quickly, and best of all, in a modern aircraft with air conditioning and real seats.  We are sending out press releases today on this, and our 'first' flight was this past Sunday.

Our flights will be Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday, and we hope to expand those soon.  This has been years in development, and took a lot of cooperation with Iraqi air authorities and Kuwaiti air officials to get this service in operation, as well as the USAF and State Department. 

If people need to come home on emergency leave, we have the fastest way home.  I hope to serve as many as possible, because we're there to help them.

FlyGryphon Website

Thanks for the interruption- now back to your regularly scheduled support blog..