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60 Minutes with the Kurds

I didn't catch 60 Minutes last night as I was on a flight homeward bound.  Here's the links to videos from Tony in Boulder who says it's worth your time. 

Kurdistan: The Other Iraq - '60 Minutes', reported by Bob Simon
Story link -
Kurdistan Strives For Autonomy (segment that aired)
The northeast tip of Iraq, known as Kurdistan, is a safe and economically growing region. Bob Simon reports on a secure area, next door to a war zone, that may or may not get its own sovereignty.

VIDEO - (12 minutes, 17 seconds)

An American In Kurdistan
Only On The Web: Bob Simon asks Ahmed Gilani, a college student, why he returned to Kurdistan after growing up in Texas.

VIDEO - (2 minutes, 38 seconds)

Bob Simon's Notebook
Only On The Web: "60 Minutes" correspondent Bob Simon talks about the Iraqi region of Kurdistan and the problems it faces in seeking independence from the rest of the war-torn country.

VIDEO - (1 minute, 27 seconds)