Iran's latest attack in our 30 year war
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Karbala- Iranians or Iraqis?

Yesterday I stated that I thought it fairly certain Iran was behind the kidnapping and murders at Karbala. There were 4 arrests, it appears soon after the attack, and we should soon find out exactly who we are dealing with. It is possible that the Iranians sent their own Qods troops but I think it is more likely that those conducting the assault were Iraqi citizens.

There are a number of scenarios where this makes sense. The Iranians have been recruiting and infiltrating agents into Iraq for many decades. This predates all of our recent actions there, although the pace of this activity has certainly increased significantly since we invaded. It is possible that training and rehearsals for this could have been conducted in Iraq, but it would have been easier to do it in Iran and the re-infiltrate the agents across the porous border. These could be long term assets that were activated for this mission or recent recruits, but I think the former more likely as the skills involved seem to indicate more than a crash course.

It is possible that the actors were Iranian, either Qods or perhaps other intel types, but that would be a significant escalation by Teheran. There would be little intel a Civil Affairs unit would have to warrant the risk, and obviously kidnapping US troops tends to rile us up, so I don't see a good reason for Iran to go that far. It makes much more sense and it fits their track record to use proxies. The question is can we track their proxies back to the Mullahs.

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