A Pinch Happy New Year!
If you know me, you know how much this hurts...

Wolf's Resolutions

Father_timeHappy New Year!  and all that blather-
It's time to start anew, and as we are all wont to do, I've made a few resolutions I hope to aspire to over the coming year.  I've rarely made these in the past, but as I approach retirement, I've got to do a little 'housecleaning'.  Let's see how fast before they are broken...

Mr. Wolf's Top Ten Resolutions:

1.  Blog more, and better
2.  Finish my book
3.  Lose weight
4.  Get outside more  (a conflict with #1?)
5.  Finish restoring my cars and bikes (uh, goes with cleaning out the garage... a WIFE'S resolution!)
6.  Continue to expose Sadr for what he is.
7.   Speak out more to groups and media outlets
8.   Potty train #1 Son
9.   Start running again
10.  Paint the house

I'm not going to join any gym, not going to do some off-the-wall weight plan, only start doing better things- more walking, more  attention to diet, stuff like that.  Not that I eat all that poorly (the wife, being Asian, has a fantastic diet and is an excellent cook) so I have the right environment.

I also want to ensure Blackfive continues to be the best blog, and to help Mr. B5 keep its status.  Only one way to do that- good blogs, great information, and good writing.

My best to all this coming year- and my first 'real' blogs to start this week will include:  predictions in Iraq; outlook for the military, and as usual, what the MSM never tells you.  Or ever will..