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Mike Yon in Iraq about Iraq

Two Good Reads

Two good reads may have slipped under the radar for many, so here they are. While not directly military, they do go towards that whole "enemies foreign and domestic" thing for me.

First up is Donald Sensing, who expresses a deep pessimism in regards the future of the Great Experiment that is our Republic. The key part is that first full paragraph, and I would expand upon it a bit. One of the cornerstones of the experiment that is America is the concept of the marketplace of ideas, and as I watch the sock puppet theatre here and elsewhere, I see a deliberate effort to negate that. More on that later.

Second is this article by Molon Labe that details some interesting items not getting a lot of coverage. If you look around, there's even more out there. This also reminds me that I promised to put more up on preparedness after the holidays. I will try to get that going again here soon.