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The UN to the rescue in Iraq

For these reasons, I see only one credible alternative to Bush's strategy: U.S. forces should hand over responsibility for Iraq's security not to the Iraqis but to a new force provided by the United Nations.....I never thought I would see myself write these words, but here goes: It's time to send in the blue helmets.

On the list of monumentally bad ideas Niall Ferguson has staked out a spot. Do the people of Iraq and it's children need raping or something? The UN? Just where in the world does this clown think the UN is going to find more than a few palace guards? Now there are around 70,000 Blue-helmeted "peacekeepers" deployed around the world, all members of UN member country's militaries. The UN has no troops so someone would need to pony up a couple of hundred thousand expeditionary troops. Sending every soldier from every EU country might match our current numbers in Iraq, fewer if they had to deploy and support themselves, not even mentioning the deplorable state of their equipment.

Let's indulge the fantasy and magic 150,000 Malaysians, Ghanians, and unionized Dutch troops to Iraq with all kinds of brand new gear. They have no common operating procedures, often don't even speak the same language, and have exactly zero experience fighting counter-insurgency. Sounds like a winning hand to me. Maybe we just didn't paint our helmets the right color.