Karbala- Iranians or Iraqis?
..I told you so (Pt II)

Sandy Berger covering Clintonian asses

Sandy Berger knew there were documents in the National Archives that showed the Clinton administration failed to do what it should have about al Qaeda and terrorism and he stole them and destroyed them. I don't see how any other conclusion is possible.

I wouldn't even be surprised if one of the memos had a note on it saying "Enough of this bin Laden BS, the Clenis wants some legacy stuff done, call Arafat again". It is shameful how the entire matter was swept under the carpet while the press was in full spin mode ensuring us that Berger had access only to copies of documents. Wrong, and wrong was the wrist slap that would even allow Berger to regain his security clearance. If I had done what Berger did, I would be busy making little rocks out of big ones at Leavenworth.

Clinton fiddled while bin Laden was burning our embassies and one of his henchmen just waltzed right in and stole the proof, lovely. Given the ridiculous amount of coverage of the Libby non-leak this ought to be Watergate level, but somehow no. Hmmm.