A Battalion of Sock Puppets
What about Iran & Syria?

Mistakes, failures & victory?

I think W just gave the best speech since his second inaugural. He admitted failure, which he has rarely done, but he also articulated a clear vision of what we can now do.

None of the Dems want to say what their calls for withdrawal actually mean, defeat. They speak in terms of minimizing future losses and removing our troops because they are the cause of the violence. It's garbahj and always has been. Our troops are not the cause of the violence, a dispute about the succession of Mohammed's son caused the Shia-Sunni split centuries ago. The question is can our troops stop the extremists from killing each other long enough for the great majority who would rather live in peace to prevail.

Clear, hold & hang out, let's hope this works. The combined Iraqi-US forces should meet Petraeus' call for 1 combat troop per 50 population. Good luck Sir!