Bagpipes Cryin' - Navy SEAL Poem to Country Music Video
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Military Blog Contest on VA Mortgage Center Blog

Repost: Get over and vote.  If we win, several laptops for soldiers with wounds to their limbs could be purchased.  We're gonna need them over the next year.

Reader Scott B. alerted me to this contest where you can vote for your favorite military blog: 

...We are awarding $250 to the top 10 military related blogs, according to votes from our users. And the top military blog will receive a total of $3,000.

All of the top 10 bloggers will be given the option to be a guest blogger (but this will not be required)...

I don't know the validity of this contest, but go over there and vote for one of the blogs.  If Blackfive wins the contest, the proceeds will be donated to Soldiers' Angels Project Valour-IT.

So go vote already...