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Milblogger Down (but not out) Update III

I talked with JR Salzman and his wife yesterday to wish them a successful new year.  They are doing very well at Walter Reed and are amazed at the support pouring out for JR right now.  JR also had very high praise for the docs at Ward 57.

JR and I talked about a lot of things, but foremost on his mind are his buddies in Iraq and the other guys that were in his truck when it was hit.  Parts of his arm became shrapnel that hit his gunner.  The gunner is doing okay and being treated in the states, but could use some prayers too.  The driver is understandably shaken up but will be okay.  He's still in Iraq.

JR is healing really well but still trying to manage the pain.  I can tell you that he and his wife are some of the most positive people in the world.  Hopefully, JR will be blogging his recovery so (1) the guys back in Iraq know how he's doing and (2) he records his journey to recovery.

He's got a Valour-IT laptop but not the software or training yet (coming soon) so that he can blog more soon.  I think he's got a lot to talk about.

I'll be sure to keep you updated.  If you're a regular around here and want to send him something, send me an email and I'll send you his address when I get it.  Just be sure to put Salzman in the subject line.