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Sergeant in Afghanistan - Stop the BS and "Let's Get It Done"

Mike Yon's Desolate Roads

Mike Yon's Desolate Roads - Part 1 and Part 2.

From Part 2, here is a description of our troops and their commanders in Iraq:

...If Americans really wanted to know their Army, American kids would be swapping trading cards of the battalion commanders and command sergeant majors, company commanders and 1st sergeants, and those legions of unknown squad-leaders who earn three Purple Hearts and decorations for valor before they are old enough to rent cars back home.

Battalion commanders normally are lieutenant colonels (LTC), and the rank of LTC can be a “sweet-spot,” where commanders are still boots-on-the-ground, in combat seven days a week, yet their rank and position makes for a maximum depth of field.

To use a football analogy, the battalion commander is like the quarterback. He’s not the coach (more analogous to the brigade commander), or the owner (the division commander), but near-about the highest ranking ground-pounder who’s still very likely to get personally involved in firefights on a regular basis. The commander might have graduated from West Point or ROTC, might have a Ph.D. or prefer fishing to reading. Over here, he might physically score a touchdown, or get shot, but whatever the case, he spends near-about every play of every game on the field...

Mike then goes on to describe someone you should know - LTC Eric Welsh and the men of 2-7 Cavalary ("If you ain't Cav...!").   Be sure to read the whole piece.

And if you've never read Mike's Gates of Fire (about another Battalion Commander and Command Sergeant Major that should be known to every American), be sure to do so.