Does Anyone Else Detect a Trend?
And So it begins...

Insurgents take a mild beatdown

Allah at Hot Air has some video showing a combined US Iraqi patrol where the Iraqi troops, who were leading, pick up some insurgents with mortars and ammo. As they apprehend them and discuss the situation, the Iraqi troops ask some pointed (toe of the boot) questions and definitely act badly in dealing with the killers they caught.

Now the American troops riding along in the convoy forget that you can never trust a journalist and if they are Brits, just say boo and leave while they piss themselves. These dumbasses provide play by play as the Iraqi troops whack the bad guys. Did the bad guys earn a thumping? Yes. Does beating prisoners in your custody make you wrong? Yes. Should the Americans have intervened to stop the not particularly wicked smackdown? Probably. Is this incident proof that the Iraqi military is essentially a Shiite death squad as the smarmy wanker narrating tries to imply? No.

The Iraqi troops caught bad guys red-handed, then they were kinda mean to them. Our troops didn't jump out and intercede to ensure that the jackasses who had been involved in killing the families of the Iraqi soldiers didn't take a few boots. So freakin' what. In the cosmic scheme of modern day Mesopotamia, this was a fart in a windstorm. Next slide.