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The Surge (of Information)

In Preparation for the President's Announcement on Wednesday...and the subsequent infighting among our politicians who should ALL be focused on winning this freaking thing instead of staying the course or pulling is my hope that these links to thoughts about winning in Iraq might help the discussion.

Frederick Kagan and Gen (ret) Jack Keane's ideas of how to use the troop surge (if you don't know who they are, you should - btw, Keane turned down the CSA assignment to retire before it was offered to Gen Schoomacher). The executive summary of their plan is here.

Joe Katzman at Winds of Change doesn't have a lot of confidence in Kagan-Keane or the ISG Report - he provides a very good explanation (with links to other opinions) of what pitfalls are embedded in those plans and ideas.

Bill Roggio on Iran and Al Qaeda in Iraq.  Actually, Bill writes some of the best articulated and informed articles about the Long War and Iraq. 

Charles Krauthammer on Shia and Maliki - he's pretty down on the possibility of a free Iraq.  CK is one of my favorite columnists and pundits.

Our own Grim on how to win this thing.  His thoughts on this are beyond just Iraq (but hold equally well).  We need to win the war on many fronts - the information war being just one important battlefield that we need to take control of...

And don't forget about Major Eric Egland's Six Steps in the Weekly Standard.

The bottom-line is that a troop surge is needed, and that it's the strategy and tactics that those (surged) troops employ that will determine the success of the surge.  We need to fight thugs (Sadr), terrorists (AQ), corruption (everywhere), vengeance (everywhere) and a whole lot of other BS.  And, in order to do that we need to be involved in the communities.  AND we need to spend a helluva lot more money on building infrastructure and jobs, etc.  State needs more of a role, too.

And we need our own country behind LTG Petraeus who will have to execute possibly one of the toughest missions in military history in a (relatively) short amount of time.  I think this is the first time that I actually prayed for a general officer...and his staff. 

Last, Mario Loyola has a post at The Corner about the Surge and quotes Eliot Cohen and Bing West in the WSJ.  I'll close with it as I've been a proponent of this thought (and so have many of you) for awhile here:

We prefer an offensive strategy based on three ironclad principles: take the offense immediately against the death squads in Sadr City, who are now unsettled; arrest and imprison on a scale equal to the horrific situation (or at least equal to New York City!); and insist on a joint say in the appointment of army and police leaders. If the Iraqi government refuses, we should be willing to disengage completely, and soon.

Update 01-09-07: Michael in MI provides the link to Peter Wehner's piece about Islam called "Why They Fight."  It's been available elsewhere for a few days, and Opinoin Journal published it today.