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An Act of War

I hate to say I told you so..

Antiwar_protest Back in November, I posted a small piece about the coming change in what we will be seeing on our news, in our neighborhoods, and in the MSM; that change paralleling the anti-war Viet Nam playbook tactics.   Well, it seems as if it kicks off this weekend.  You can bet that all of this will culminate with the Democratic Convention right here in Denver.  I am SO looking forward to the freak show...

The United For Peace and Justice coalition (UFPJ) and their slimy Hollyweird ilk are staging a protest in Washington, complete with 'stars', Communist Party members, and other associated fringers this weekend, to be followed by a march on the Capitol on Monday.  Must be a great weekend to be in DC...

In case any of you haven't done so, I suggest you take a look at the organizations associated with these groups, and one Leslie Cagan...

The UFPJ is made up of individuals representing the following groups: 


Does anyone else see a trend here?  Could they be any more ANTI-AMERICAN than this group?  Ruckus Society?  Communist Party?  TransAfrica Forum?  Socialist Party?

Leslie_cagan The UFPJ was formed by Leslie Cagan, who is a prominent member of the Communist Party of America, among other groups.  Her latest quote-  "fight, war, occupation, death, destruction, spend our tax dollars," Leslie Cagan, national coordinator of United for Peace and Justice, the umbrella group that is one of the main organizers of Saturday's events, said at a media briefing.Citing what she called "this devastating debacle of lies and horror," Cagan said: "The people of this country have had it..."

What I find most troubling is the military (active duty!) folks that are planning on being present and speaking.  While I am all for free speech, how can these guys stab their fellow shipmates and Soldiers in the back?

Danny Glover, Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon,  Tim Robbins and others are slated to lead and speak at the 'march'.  I'm guessing if they get 50,000 people to show up, it would be a miracle.  But, if they are handing out free beer, they might get more...

One other noteworthy attendee will be the father of a Soldier who has been charged with 'missing movement' in order to avoid being sent to Iraq.  His son is a 28 year old Army lieutenant who is to be court-martialed next month.   His father plans to march with Fonda and Cagan.

I don't see any mention of Sheehan, yet.

Folks, these people had ZERO interest in the 'welfare of the troops'.  NONE.  NADA.  It is all cover for their own interest in a SP-led society.  What is beginning to bother me most is where this may lead in 9-12 months time- spitting on troops, shouting at them in the airports, neglecting the vets.

To all of you VN-era vets out there, I'm asking for your help here.  Help us speak out and ensure this never happens.  You've been there, you got the t-shirt- you've experienced the hatred.  I don't want to see us go that route again. 

But I see it coming.