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Boise State Football Rocks

If you failed to watch the Boise State v. Oklahoma football game tonight, you may have missed the greatest college football game in history.  In the Fiesta Bowl, playing against Big 12 Champion and powerhouse Oklahoma, Boise State pulled off one of the most improbable and exciting victories... ever.   F*cking EVER! 

Game tied, 4th Quarter with 1:26 to go on their own 20 yard line, Boise State QB Jared Zabransky throws an interception for a touchdown.  Down 7 with :18 left, 4th down and 18 on the 50 yard line, Zabransky throws to his wide out 3 yards shy of the first down... who then pitches it off hook and lateral style to another teammate for a 50 yard game tying touchdown.  Overtime, down 7, 4th and 2 on the 3 yard line Boise calls the halfback pass to the tight end... touchdown!  Not content to let Oklahoma have another chance, Boise State goes for the two point conversion.  Shotgun, Zabransky turns right, fakes the pass to the wide out, hands off to the tailback with his left hand behind the back, the Statue of Liberty play, he runs it in and beats the mighty Oklahoma Sooners 43-42.  Post game interview with the tailback, he takes a knee and proposes to his Boise State cheerleader girlfriend on national television... she says, "yes".


Heart, class, BALLS!  Boise State is amazing!  HOOYAH Broncos!!!