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Barack Obama- Straight up cake boy

Ok I've got it, it was actually there all along but I needed the audio. I am becoming resigned to President Barack Hussein Obama, as he is perfectly inoffensive and custom-made for the feel-good, look-good mentality of far too many Americans.

They liked Clinton because he was likeable to them, and so is Obama. Yeah, fine go ahead and elect the empty suit, but know full well and good that I'm gonna keep making fun of him. So here is the latest salvo, a classic B-side from the Sultan of Seattle- Sir Mix A-Lot

Obama_cake_boy Cake Boy

He's in a yellow camaro, skin so smooth
A buttercup boy from the funny school
His hair's all nice and wavy
And mine is nappy so you call me crazy
And he's got them skin-tight spandex on
Straight cake to the bone
He'd cook a big meal like your mother would
A cake boy, up to no good......

He likes to roller-skate, skip rocks on lakes
The bourgeois girls want straight-up cake boys.....

'cause if you don't you're bound to lose your girl
To that cake boy world
'cause that cake boy'll pull up quick
And say "does your man have a body like this?"
And you don't, 'cause you drink much brew, hah
Got a body like Buddah
And your game is strong, and your background is raw
Hit the cake boy dead in the jaw......