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Baptisms at Gitmo

Andrew Sullivan has more hyperventilation going on about "the horror" of Gitmo. I feared for my sensibilities as I checked out the outrages chronicled by FBI employees visiting Gitmo.

The witnesses this time are FBI agents who saw abuse. Not terror suspects. FBI agents. Money quote:

Another interrogator reportedly bragged to an FBI agent about dressing as a Catholic priest and "baptizing'' a prisoner ...In one report, an agent said he saw a detainee draped in an Israeli flag in a room with loud music and strobe lights.

Can I ask a question here? Our current situation is that we are being jihaded upon by fanatics who claim their religion forces them to kill us. Why do we then "respect" their religion during interrogation or internment? If we take them at their word then their religion is hideous, barbaric and incompatible with freedom and liberty, why do we respect it at all then? Why do they get Korans, arrows pointing to Mecca, and halal meals?

I don't have one iota of sympathy for the rights of madmen to practice a religion they use to justify slaughtering innocents. I see no reason why we should feel any obligation to cater to their wishes to have their hate literature to comfort them. If that's what the book means to you, then too bad, so sad. Here's some copies of Maxim magazine, knock yourself out. I think we should tread lightly in using the Koran itself against them, just out of our interest in not unnecessarily riling up Muslims everywhere. But why can't we use the elements of Islam such as aversion to dogs, women, Joooos and freedom against them? If Muslims want to complain because we wrapped a terrorist in an Israeli flag, let 'em. They would have to agree that the terrorist's views about the Koran were correct to make such a religious appeal. If they believe the terrorists are true Muslims then go ahead and say so. But if you want to disavow them and say that their views do not represent Islam, then what difference does it make if we "baptize" them. Any tactic or technique that can gain us useful intelligence should be diligently employed against those sworn to our destruction.

We owe nothing to the jihadis other than two tickets to paradise and 72 goats, bring a friend.