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Bagpipes Cryin' - Navy SEAL Poem to Country Music Video

    "I had three of the four guys on the ground that died that day.  I was so heartbroken after I passed out all the flags at the memorial service. I was just thinking about the bagpiper, who is also a retired SEAL captain, standing there literally crying the song out of the bagpipes. We were all so sad.  When I came home my wife said I should write down some words. Tim called me and asked how I was  doing. I told him I wrote this poem and he said well let me have it. We went back and forth on the phone and decided to make it a tribute to everyone from World War II to the present.Navy SEAL Commander Mark Waddell

Reader Tom G. sends the link to this song by the country group Rushlow Harris about our soldiers past, present and future...

Rushlow Harris is a country music duo.  The song, Bagpipes Cryin, is based on a poem written by Commander Mark Waddell, as a tribute to the SEALS he lost in the Middle East while in command of the SEAL teams in the area.  Tim Rushlow then set the poem to music.

The links are to an amateur video version, and the official Rushlow Harris video. Also, the home page for Rushlow Harris has links to a number of sites that offer services to our military, and an interview with Commander Waddell.

First, I'll post the amateur video that was put together with pictures from submissions...

And here's the video by Rushlow Harris:

If you've been a regular you know about the fight in Afghanistan. If not, here's just a few links. The first is Froggy discussing the heroism of the SEALs. The second is my description of the battle on Pundit Review Radio (podcast):

There's a lot more that will come out about this battle in the future that will demonstrate it to be one of the most heroic, faithful, and heart-breaking moments in our military history.