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Army NCO Needs a Better PR Guy

This one is from an infantry pal in the fight right now...he's had a rough week and we've been IM'ing about the use of fear by the insurgents and how effective fear has been in keeping information out of our hands.

...I seriously doubt that Haj is anywhere near as ubiquitous as people seem to think.  I don't even think he is as good as WE the army think he is, though I still treat him as such.  But the point is that bastard has the reputation.  And Fear is power.  Sadly, most American Soldiers are probably known for getting caught in IEDs, killing poor defenseless women and kids, and giving schools crayons.  That makes up all of our press these days.  Seriously, you never see a positive profile about a units combat effectiveness anymore.  AP won't list an enemy kill unless they can release reports of us killing a females as well, always at the same time.  Oddly enough, I seem to see most reports come out of the green zone and being provided information from all Iraqi sources.  I need a better PR guy...

A better PR guy might not change the AP's lies, but it might make a dent in some other organizations.