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Tripe-Meister William Arkin in the WashPo

Accommodating Muslim intolerance

So now the prisons in the UK are going to turn all their toilets so Muslim criminals can crap in a directionally proper religious manner.

Offense intended, but can't we just say ENOUGH to the stupid rules that practitioners of this religion keep making up. The Koran started things off poorly with a proscription against eating bacon and the requirement to bang your head 5 times daily, but then they started freelancing and came up with bagging their women in potato sacks, genital mutilation and then they really got rocking with honor killings and stoning of homosexuals.

There is plenty to be said for religious tolerance, but Islam is devolving into a combination of medieval oppression of women and others combined with a grievance industry attempting to force the free world to accommodate these fundamentally silly or worse barbaric practices. Most of these were not even in their book, religious crackpots through the years have added their own prejudices leaving a belief system fundamentally incompatible with free western society.

Imagine if Christians had the same list of accommodations, such as not transporting liquor in their5 cabs, or seeing eye dogs, or demands for Muslim only pool time, or Muslim only bathrooms so they can wash their feet. The left would lose it's ever-lovin' mind, yet we hear crickets chirping as Muslims demand the right to be bigoted, oppressive and intolerant.

We often hear that the jihadis make up a tiny part of Islam as a whole, but the 10 percent that support violent jihad to impose sharia total tens of millions. On top of that the "moderate" Muslims support many of the abuses I have outlined in even larger numbers than they do jihad. Terror is the tactic of the jihadis, the moderates figure they can get our liberal guilt infested left to appease their way into submission for free western culture.

I think they should stop making stupid rules about what their god wants them to do. If the left can't get opposite these extremely illiberal policies, then they need to hush about any "oppression" going on in America. At worst we are a beacon of light on the hill in comparison. I am not hating exclusively on Muslims for their religion, I am hating on them for acting in ways we would not tolerate were it not in the name of God. My views on religion are laid out in a piece called "Which one of these guys is God?" I have no god in this fight, but that does not mean I disbelieve. I remain open to any religion that does not ask me to take it on faith that they know what God wants me to do. I figger as long as you are doing the "Do unto others" thing, whoever God is ought to be cool with that. I'll let you know how that works out. Was that a lightning bolt I just saw?.