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Rational Preparedness, Part Two

W chooses victory

We do want to win right? That is a question we don't have a clear answer to. I don't know what a poll would tell us, nor do I really care. We have a Commander in Chief rather than a War Council or War Plebiscite for a very good reason, war is by far the hardest thing we do as a country and we are weak.

Military command resides in an executive, elected and then tasked with doing what we would do if we the people didn't act like the sheep that we are. We at least recognize that we can't be trusted to have the resolve to fight and win a war, so we limit our ability to sway in the breeze. We rely on the CinC to manifest what we can't. All of our wars have had dark days, or years. Valley Forge anyone? Manassas? Kasserine Pass? Chosin? Tet? Well that was a media loss if not a military one, but I think the point is simple. A popular vote would probably have torpedoed all of those campaigns based on the losses incurred and our naturally un-warlike demeanor.

Yes I said un-warlike, as much garbahj as we catch for being cowboys, we have no stomach for a fight let alone conquest or empire. I'm not sure we ever really did, because relentless reporting of casualties on that debacle D Day might have severely affected Liberty Bond sales, let alone FDR's chance at his 12th term.

President Bush has listened to all kinds of advice and there were many who thought he would feel the weight of our malaise and stop the badness. I think not, you see W knows his job is to be America's juevos when all about him are sniveling. The problem with much of his advice was it ignored his number one and currently only goal, victory. The Baker report had zero of 79 suggestions that mentioned US victory, although they did admit losing was an al Qaeda victory. I am comforted that it looks like W will follow the only advice he has gotten that explicitly contemplates victory as it's goal and even it's opening word. From AEI

Victory is still an option in Iraq. America, a country of 300 million people with a GDP of $12 trillion, and more than one million soldiers and marines can regain control of Iraq, a state the size of California with a population of 25 million and a GDP under $100 billion.

Victory in Iraq is vital to America's security. Defeat will lead to regional conflict, humanitarian catastrophe, and increased global terrorism.

An interesting start, but what is the plan?