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Our universities are widely known as incubators of all strains of do-goodish, or make-yourself-feel-goodish exercises in tolerance. Every flavor of sexual deviance is celebrated, not a discouraging word may be said to any of the hundreds of sanctioned victim groups. Matt Sanchez should have been good to hook at Columbia, he's got a Z at the end of his name right? But sadly his Hispanic victim card was yanked when a loudmouthed, little crap weasel named Monique Dols began harassing him. (h/t Michelle Malkin)

Did you hear the one about the Marines that Columbia University invited to campus for Fleet Week?

Not any time in the last few decades, you didn't.

But you might have heard the one about the Marine who was told by a fellow Columbia student that he was stupid for joining the military because he's Hispanic and didn't realize he was being used for cannon fodder.

It's actually kind of funny - but when it happened to me during Columbia's Activities Day last year, I was fighting mad.

Now we need to remember that the left really does support the troops, they just think that the troops are functionally retarded for joining, or fresh out of any other option 'cept maybe prison. Let's share in the deep understanding Columbia's students have for how their right to speak freely and as a complete ass hat came about:

I figured that a dean so concerned about student inclusion would certainly look into a simple case of student harassment. You see, I had a problem: fellow student Monique Dols.

Back on Activities Day, Dols didn't just lecture me on my stupidity in serving our nation; she also yelled that I was a baby killer. For a Marine, being called a killer is almost flattering - but for months Dols and her friends had been disrupting pretty much every event I attended.

This moistened bint was also part of the clown car unloading that shut down the Minutemen and caused a decent riot. Certainly Columbia will take her to task for her amazingly intolerant acts and attitude right?

And the Columbia administration seems to agree. Despite bringing national embarrassment to the university with her actions, she's gone completely unpunished.

The university has chalked it up to free speech. All points of view are welcome at Columbia, from Venezuelan presidents to voices from vaginas.

Unless you're in the military.

Well said Cpl Sanchez, well said.