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the Best Military Blogs - Links and A Vegas Trip in '07

This year, the competition was fierce.  Congrats to the finalists!:

Next year, the voting will be held early because the winners will be announced in early November at the Blog World and New Media Expo in Las Vegas.  There will be a Military Blog segment at the expo.  But that's all I can say right now...except if you'd like to help plan, organize and execute (OR SPONSOR!), drop me a line.

A few more nominees (maybe a few you haven't read before) after the Jump:

First, I don't know how in the @#$% Argghhh! wasn't in the list for Best Military Blog.

Midnight in Iraq http://midnight.hushedcasket.com/

This Is Your War II http://thisisyourwarii.blogspot.com/

From my position...on the way! http://tcoverride.blogspot.com/

Taco Bell http://sandgram.blogspot.com

Fire and Ice http://mdfay.blogspot.com/

The Will to Exist http://willtoexist.com/

The Fastest Squirrel http://fastsquirrel.blogspot.com

One Marine's View: http://www.onemarinesview.com/one_marines_view/

Bouhammer's Afghanistan Blog http://www.bouhammer.com/nucleus/AfghanBlog.php

American Soldier http://www.soldierlife.com

American Citizen Soldier (Buck Sargent) http://americancitizensoldier.blogspot.com

Andi's World http://www.andisworld.typepad.com

T.F. Boggs http://www.boredsoldier.blogspot.com/

Wordsmith At War http://www.wordsmith.blog-city.com/

Doc in the Box http://www.docinthebox.blogspot.com/

A Soldiers Perspective http://www.soldiersperspective.us/

Sgt. Dock's Holiday http://sgtdock.blogspot.com/

T.F. Boggs http://boredsoldier.blogspot.com/

Dadmanly http://dadmanly.blogspot.com

War in the Sandbox http://www.tadpolenet.com/warblogs/

A Day in Iraq http://www.adayiniraq.com/ 

Commander Salamander http://www.cdrsalamander.blogspot.com/

Dude, Where's The Beach? http://tmmkkt22.blogspot.com/

Jarhead's Firing Range http://jarheadjohn2.blogspot.com/

Blue Star Chronicles http://bluestarchronicles.com/

Instapinch.com http://instapinch.com/blog

Bill Roggio's Fourth Rail http://billroggio.com/

Euphoric Reality http://www.euphoricreality.com

Tanker Brothers! http://mikegulf.blogspot.com/

A Storm In Afghanistan http://www.kafstorm.blogspot.com/

Afghanistan Without A Clue http://traversa.typepad.com/afghanistan_without_a_clu/