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Specialist Fernando Gonzalez - Someone You Should Know

    "As long as my brothers-in-arms are fighting this war, I just can't watch it on TV.  I want to see it finished. I don't support this war. I think it's a political mess not worth the life of one American. But as long as there's something that needs to be done, I want to be the one doing it." - Specialist Fernando Gonzalez on his decision to fight forced retirement.

Sara Y. sends the link to this awesome story about a soldier's fight to remain on duty.  Specialist Fernando Gonzalez is Someone You Should Know:

This Soldier Demanded a Fighting Chance 
12:10 AM PST on Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Press-Enterprise

...President Bush personally decorated the Rubidoux man, then 18, with the Purple Heart for life-threatening combat wounds, congratulating him for a job well done. Uncle Sam declared Spc. Gonzalez unfit for duty and authorized $1,100- a-month in disability pay plus free mental and physical health care for life. Annual cost-of-living raises, too.

Gonzalez's response: Thanks but no thanks.

The cavalry scout spent much of the past year fighting the Army's decision and prodding military and civilian doctors, psychologists and rehabilitation specialists to return him to active duty. He completed a battery of tests to prove his injured left leg, rebuilt with a vein from his other leg, possessed the strength, endurance and range of motion to let him resume duty. Four times he traveled to Fort Lewis, Wash., where the military handles medical-related matters, to plead his case...

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