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Send the troops working Gitmo Some Holiday Cheer

Send a Marine Family Some Love this holiday Season

Life's been tough for a Marine Corps family lately, including the loss of a dear family member.  Every year for the past three years they have lost a loved one between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This family has been an active support group for Marines for years - inviting troops into their home, participating in Operation Santa and other troop support projects, etc.  Many of you who are in the military community and participate in discussion forums might be familiar with this family.

We want to protect their privacy, but it's not right that such good people who have given so much to our country should not be feeling the joy and love of the Christmas season.  So let's show this family the Christmas spirit!  Please send them a Christmas card. 

Mail your cards or notes to:


970 W Valley Parkway #223

Escondido, CA 92025

We will get the cards to this family as soon as possible.

Open your heart, and share the love of this Holiday Season with a family that has done so much for all of us!