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December 2006

Going to a better place

No not a euphemism, a reality. The whole fambly is heading to the islands for a little Caribbean R&R. That's mine, my sister's, my brother's, my Grandma and my parents who made this happen. So the next week will be spent at the Wyndham Rose Hall Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Wyndham_beach I humbly accept your praise for not gloating all month long. I can't tell for certain, but there are big internet pipes down there, and I have intentions of filming a Red Stripe "Hooray beer!" commercial or two. If lolling about permits, I may share some of the paradise with all y'all. Hope all of you have the kind of hopes for 2007 that I do. Regardless, Merry Xmas and Happy RamaKwanzakah too.

Oh and did I say, Hooray beer!

Merry Christmas Sheepdogs

Russ Vaughn, milblogger poet laureate, sends this poem (also at American Thinker) to wish all you Sheepdogs a very Merry Christmas:

To Our Sheepdogs

It’s so easy to forget them there,

As we warm beside the fire,

Those spread so far out everywhere,

Those sent to man the wire.

Patrolling on the front line,

As peacefully here we bask,

Protecting what is yours and mine,

That’s their hard, dreary task.

Like sheep we are protected,

From the far off wolves of war,

And our Sheepdogs as expected,

Never waver from their chore.

In peace we sheep ignore their kind,

Wary of their violent trends;

But when the wolves attack we find,

These Sheepdogs are our friends.

Forever this has been the way,

Since time for us began,

Sheep fearing that the Sheepdogs may

Disrupt our placid plan.

Yet time again Dogs surely prove,

When comes a wolfine danger,

The Sheepdogs will most swiftly move

To guard the lambs, the manger.

So here’s to Sheepdogs everywhere

At this Christmas time of year;

Just know the flock is with you there,

And we wish you Christmas cheer.

We wish we could advance the clock,

Cause truth is, Dogs, we miss you,

To the day that you’ll rejoin the flock,

When we’ll sheepishly then kiss you.

Russ Vaughn

To more fully understand the “Sheepdogs” reference, the reader should go here:


and here:


Merry Christmas from Mr. Wolf

Olympicmountain_1 From here in Colorado, I just wanted to extend my Christmas greetings to all of you.  Although I've only been posting here for a short while, I hope to do much more in the coming year, and I truly enjoy and appreciate each and every reader and commenter.

A Christmas story after the jump...

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Merry Christmas

Uncle Jimbo is not the only one to post pictures of pooches, and as Jenny has been possessed by the spirit of Christmas, here she is to command you to have a Very Merry Christmas.


Actually, I think she is using the eyes to try and compel me to give her all the treats for her stocking NOW! and that I give her smoked pigs ears three times a day... She does have pretty good command presence for being all of 35 pounds.

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For Techies Only - Want to Hire A Hacker to Fix your Grades?

First off, I hang out at Attrition occasionally.  If you're a techie, read this exchange between two great hackers and someone that wants to hire them to fix his college transcript/GPA.  If you're a techie, you'll see right away what's happening.  ROFLMAO.  The photo requests kill me.

Then, read this.


Specialist Fernando Gonzalez - Someone You Should Know

    "As long as my brothers-in-arms are fighting this war, I just can't watch it on TV.  I want to see it finished. I don't support this war. I think it's a political mess not worth the life of one American. But as long as there's something that needs to be done, I want to be the one doing it." - Specialist Fernando Gonzalez on his decision to fight forced retirement.

Sara Y. sends the link to this awesome story about a soldier's fight to remain on duty.  Specialist Fernando Gonzalez is Someone You Should Know:

This Soldier Demanded a Fighting Chance 
12:10 AM PST on Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Press-Enterprise

...President Bush personally decorated the Rubidoux man, then 18, with the Purple Heart for life-threatening combat wounds, congratulating him for a job well done. Uncle Sam declared Spc. Gonzalez unfit for duty and authorized $1,100- a-month in disability pay plus free mental and physical health care for life. Annual cost-of-living raises, too.

Gonzalez's response: Thanks but no thanks.

The cavalry scout spent much of the past year fighting the Army's decision and prodding military and civilian doctors, psychologists and rehabilitation specialists to return him to active duty. He completed a battery of tests to prove his injured left leg, rebuilt with a vein from his other leg, possessed the strength, endurance and range of motion to let him resume duty. Four times he traveled to Fort Lewis, Wash., where the military handles medical-related matters, to plead his case...

More at The Press-Enterprise.