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Our friends the Saudis

That always seems to be said sarcastically, as we seldom seem to get much out of the deal or they are doing something completely counter to our interests. Well maybe there is a change. Dick Cheney just zipped through the Kingdom bearing some message, their Ambassador suddenly feels a need to spend more time with his family, and the King announces an imminent Arab explosion. Coincidence? Varifrank thinks not and comments on the previous three anomalies and...

4) Saudi Arabia announces support of Sunni Iraq.

Comment: You know, The Saudis have been so quiet in regards to Iraq, I almost forgot they were in the neighborhood. You hear more from China on Iraq than you do the Saudis. This seems very significant to me. Which makes me think that everybody has been speculating that “Israel should take out Iran”, so what if Saudi Arabia stepped up to the plate instead?
Why? Means, Motive, Opportunity.

• Saudi Arabia has a capable US trained Military – Means.
• Saudi has the funds for a large scale military operation – Means.
• Iran is Shiite, Saudi is Sunni - Motive.
• Iran and Saudi are long standing enemies - Motive.
• No one wants a nuclear armed Iran less than Saudi Arabia. – Motive
• Being invited into Iraq by Sunni leaders makes the control of Sunni Iraq part of the Saudi national self-interest. Saudi Arabia isn’t going to hesitate to say that Iran is killing people under Saudi control and then “do something”. – Opportunity.
• By stepping into Sunni Iraq, Saudi Arabia has a front line with Shiite controlled Iraq, which is rapidly becoming a proxy for Iran – Opportunity.

It would be hard to say who is the bigger menace to our planet, Iran or the Saudis. Iran is active in more tactical operations directly controlled by it's government i.e. running around with Hezbollah, training and supplying insurgents in Iraq, but the Saudis have been a pipeline full of oil money funding all kinds of heinous stuff around the world i.e. madrassas and virtually all Sunni terror groups. Doesn't it make a beautiful kind of sense to let them focus on each other not us.

I hope the message that Dick Cheney took to Riyadh was simply "Screw the Mullahs. You don't like 'em, we don't like 'em and nobody else on earth, outside of Damascus and Southern Lebanon, wants them to have that Shia 12th Imam Bomb, Soooooooo. Oh and the trade is we look the other way on Iran and you shut down the insurgents in Iraq, capisce?"

This should carry an unmistakable warning that we are only looking for a decapitation in Iran, they don't get to own Persia. As deeply as we have been tented up with the Saudis we have precious little beyond gas show for it. Now gas is nice, but right now we have serious problems with nuke-building religious fanatics and a bunch of Sunnis in Iraq who need to have a come to Mohammed moment. It's certainly a wild idea and I would be very surprised to see it play out, but I had a blast thinking about it. It's certainly not staying the course.